Born in rural Australia, Christina Khumari has always had a different view. She is an independent cultural practitioner specialising in exclusive custom goldsmithing, multi media sculpture and paintings.

She has traveled widely, lived and shown internationally and fulfilled innumerable commissions in private collections throughout the world.

“A fascination with the tiny wonders of the natural world that surrounds us has always been pivotal to my life. Growing up in the relative isolation of the Australian bush has honed my delight in the many extraordinary constructions of the organic/botanic/biological world.”

Khumari’s sculptures are inspired by and reflect the natural architectural constructions that are so easily overlooked.

The way a butterfly lays its eggs, waterweed flows in the currents, the shimmer and delicacy of both the homes that insects build and the geometry with which they are themselves constructed, the way a spider weaves its web, dew touching lightly the aerial silken threads – all these are sources of inspiration for Khumari’s current work. The mathematical progressions and intricacies inherent in any physical construction are here played out with a light hearted whimsy.

“That place where one thing becomes another, where realistic images become abstract, where abstraction becomes recognisable, where everyday objects become strange and strange becomes fascinating, that is the place where all the possibilities exist. That is the place that I attempt to draw out and bring attention to, that place in all of us that is full of wonder.”

A sumptuous feast of opulent adornment is apparent in the design and manufacture of Khumari’s jewellery. Working almost exclusively in high carat gold and a wide array of both fine gemstones and found objects, each piece is individually created for a specific person or occasion. Each piece is like no other, they are truly one-of-a-kind artworks and not to be repeated.